Nicolas Urlacher is a french photographer currently living in Nairobi, Kenya, where he has been teaching spanish in the French School since 2013. He studied spanish filology, litterature and cinema and taught spanish language in high school in the suburbs of Paris during 13 years before going to Kenya. 


At the same time he was a member of the collective of photographers  Exmundo during 4 years in Paris where he took part in several collective and individual exhibitions.


With 2 colleagues  he was one of the founders of an ambitious  school project in wich he taught photography and journalism to highschool students that the teachers took around the world to make reportages :


Since he has been in Kenya, apart from his usual interest for tribes and people around the country, he's also focusing on the Kibera Black Stars, the football team of the big slum of Nairobi.


He has also created  wich is a  photographic bestiary of kenyan animals, parks and reserves in the country. Additionally you can visit his Facebook page where you will find more off-series photos.